Few Words about senso

Our Story-That Began With Passion, Driven By Dedication, Crafted to Perfection.

Senso Foods Pvt Ltd

is one of the most successful business ventures that has appealed and served lacs of happy customers over the years.

We are india's leading manufacturer of tea and coffee vending machines and we offer wide range of flavoured tea and coffee premix. We believe in measuring our success on the strength of our wide clientèle network. We strongly believe that, a brand is a relationship we have with our customers, we own the name, but our customers own the brand.

As it costs six times more to retain an existing customers than to attract a new one, we have always been driven by desire to update ourselves to the changing requirements of our customers and at the same time remaining our products quality world class in three words , that are, uncompromising quality, customer satisfaction and innovative products.


Today is a beautiful day, a perfect day to say goodbye to old ways of doing things.
Today is a great day to build my company.
Today I will delegate all junk activities & focus on revenue generating activities.
I will work towards the vision of my company and live up to the core values
will work hard towards the success of SENSO’s Multiplication Strategy Sheet and plan my activities accordingly and exactly what I am supposed to do every year, every quarter, every month& every week of my life.
Today onwards, I will work to take all the resources used by me from lower level to a higher level and achieve what I have set to achieve.
I hereby abide to work hard with complete dedication & commitment & promise to build a success story for myself & my company.
I surrender myself to SENSO for giving me the direction & guidance to fulfil my dream and building my career with a World Class Company.

Core Purpose

To improve quality of life by offering innovative products to enhance productivity of people and their business.

Core Values

Quality in all aspects
Social Responsibility
Continuous Upgradation & Improvement
Think positive and be Optimistic
Team Work

Core Values Translation

We are committed to our clients that we will be the Leading Innovator and Quality Provider year after year.
Our commitment is driven by the faithfulness and devotion to the obligations and duties of the company through Dedication, Responsibility and Loyalty.
We are committed to work with tough conflicts.
Connecting with Committed People will make everyone’s future bright.

Quality in all Aspects

100% quality in all aspects i.e. in Product, Service, Communication, Behavior, Packaging, Branding and all things.
We are committed towards creating a quality culture, so that each and every person of the Company considers it as an inbuilt part of the system.
We will always be ready to adopt Best practice & Future Best practice.
Quality Equipment + Quality People = Quality Results.

Social Responsibility

We make a living by what we get, but we make a contentful life by what we give.
Being Socially Responsible means that people and company must behave ethically and with sensitivity toward social, cultural, economic and environmental issues.
We believe that lifestyle of each and every person who is connected with our company should get improved day by day.
Our vision and strategies encompass an overall improvement in standard of living, health and education.

Think Positive & Be Optimistic

When any challenges come on our way, it may be easy to succumb to negative thoughts. But always look on the bright side—thinking positive isn't just enough, we must take mandatory steps to overcome.
Positive Thinking + Positive Action = Positive Result.
We will always be optimistic and Create Win-Within-Win Situation in every circumstance.
Positive thinking recognizes that no problem is too large and that every problem has a solution.

Continuous Upgradation & Improvement

We strongly believe that every one should keep Upgrading themselves & improve their knowledge to achieve success. It is a need of Today’s Modern Trade as well.
We believe in “Move Fast and Accept Changes” methodology, and result can only change when we change our consistent actions and make them habits.
Continuous improvement is targeted as an internal foundation in our Company.
It is important to plan for change. We make sure that continuous improvements and upgrading provides the flexibility for future challenges like; new project types, new customers, new volumes, new products being taken into account.

Team Work

Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championship.
As an Individual we are a drop but Together we are an Ocean.
Team Work is secret that makes common people achieve uncommon success.
"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team."


To become mega diversified group of companies and to achieve turnover of `1000 Crore by 2032.

Vivid Description

By 2032, SENSO FOODS will become Number One player in Export of Tea & Coffee premix.
By 2032, SENSO FOODS will have Dealers & Distributors in 100 countries.
By 2032, All institutional and FMCG products of SENSO FOODS will be available in all over India.
By 2032, The manufacturing unit of SENSO FOODS will be spreaded in 10 acres of land area with state-of-the-art infrastructure.
By 2032, The Corporate house of SENSO FOODS will be spreaded in 40,000 Sq. Ft. having World-Class facilities like garden, cafeteria, gym, sports area, library etc.
By 2032, SENSO FOODS will open its offices in 3 foreign countries and will have manufacturing units in 2 countries other than India.
By 2032, Senso Foods Pvt. Ltd. will become Senso Foods Limited and will be successful in making its prominent place among the best companies of stock market.
By 2032, SENSO FOODS will have employee strength of more than 750 people. By 2032, SENSO FOODS will provide various facilities to their employees like accommodation facilities with all necessary amenities, Education Scholarship for employees’s children and employee welfare fund.
By 2032, SENSO FOODS will establish a Senso Foundation which will be managing hospital and educational institutes for the welfare of society.
By 2032, SENSO FOODS will be recognized and awarded for Most Promising and Trusted Brand in India as well as in foreign countries.

As far as our quality of products concerned, we work under stringent quality measures

which are enough to ensure that final product in your hand must be enriched with purity, reliability and durability.